Slimmer’s Coffee


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Slimmers Coffee 150gr (3g per serving = 1 Teaspoon) 50 servings

Dosage – 2 to 3 CUPS PER DAY Can be taken with sweetener or milk or without, it all depends on your personal taste. Your final cup of Slimmer’s Coffee not later than 3 pm Safe to combine with other Summer Slim Products ONLY.


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7 reviews for Slimmer's Coffee

  1. Benidict

    If you have tried other slimming coffees and you have not tried this . try it pleasant taste and it worth the money

  2. Amy CPT

    my 1st thought is its cheap…… but I was pleasantly surprised that it did what I thought I would not do . Downj 3.6kg so a must buy again

  3. Magdaleen

    I love Coffee and this product with the burn I bought definitely is a brilliant combo I’m down 6.3kg month 1 Then 5.8kg down month 2
    @ R550.00 it`s worth it compared to other brands that are dbl the price and taste crap

  4. Sonja

    The combination with the 3 in 1 and the Burn was really great I will recommend anyone to try the combo

  5. Sarha

    Im A addic to this Coffee, and it works

  6. Emma

    Appetite was less with Energy increase and I fell good 2 cups per day as directions

  7. Theresa CPT

    At least it tasted like coffee and I did not have side effects not bad small weight loss but I’m happy

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